Water Treatment Plants
Zero Discharge Plant


  • Almost all the Industries use water for varied purposes & the wastewater generated is discharged into rivers, seas etc., without treating. But nowadays due to rising Environmental concerns, Government has come up with stringent rules on the disposing off liquid effluent produced by the industries. These have made the use of Zero Liquid Discharge Systems indispensible.
  • Zero liquid discharge units are usually a combination of ETP, RO System & Evaporator. Treated water can be reused for various applications like gardening, toilet flushing, irrigation, cooling towers etc.

The basic principle involved in ZLD Plants is to concentrate the impurities of the Effluent Waste Water either by Membrane Technologies like Reverse Osmosis / Nano-Filtration or by thermal methods like Evaporation. The next step involved is drying the concentrated effluent in any suitabledryer.

  • The selection of technology to be employed depends on the components of the effluent wastewater, availability of steam at the site, estimated costs of treatment etc.


    • Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Textiles & Various Other Industries