Technical Specification

  • Our RO systems are engineered as per the client's technical specifications and in accordance to the standards & requirements of the particular industry it will serve.
  • R.O. Membranes reject wide spectrum of impurities including Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), bacteria and viruses down to 0.0001 micron. 
  • Usually a RO is preceded by Micron Filter & Other filters like Multi Graded Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter etc., depending upon the feed quality.
  • Works on the principle of Reverse osmosis which is a membrane filtration process
  • Produce high quality de-mineralized water
  • Less operational and maintenance cost

  • Water enters the membrane housing Water flows through the RO Membrane Membrane allows the water to pass through it thereby retaining impurities
  • The permeate water comes out from the membranes leaving all the dirt behind When the membrane reaches to the end of its service life Membrane is replaced.


  • Drinking water, Irrigation water, Process & Boiler feed water, Bottled Water, etc. 
  • Medical & Scientific Laboratories & Pharmaceuticals Industries
  • Recovering water from ETP treated Wastewater
  • Other wide range of applications