From Director's Desk...

It was around mid 1990’s that I started off & now it’s being more than 2 decades working in this Water World but, still the freshness remains. It’s a great feeling leading a team of efficient workers who work hard to keep up the reputation of Excellence in Water Treatment that we have earned over years.

AHURA AQUA TREAT has always been an organization continuously striving on improving its processes and to maintain its presence in market by regularly updating it’s technologies to best serve our client. As part of regular networking activities, we frequently participate in exhibitions, workshops and undertake training programs to further sharpen the skills of our employees.

Working in this field I have got that opportunity to directly see & interact with people who don’t have access to clean drinking water & have to strive hard even to get a bucket of water for their domestic use. Worst affected are the women who have to walk long distances for getting water. Seeing these conditions of my fellow Indians motivated me to Value every drop of water as the guiding principle of my organization. I would like to make you all a humble appeal Save Water, it’s the most valuable asset we humans have.

Thank You,


Employees Feelings...

It’s a great working experience here at AHURA AQUA TREAT. Friendly Working environment & Professional work culture help us work freely, use our innovative ideas & explore the unexplored thereby adding dynamism & eradicating the monotonousness in work. Under the able guidance of our leader Mr. A. K. Motashaw we keep on learning new things and his experience in this field will take AHURA AQUA TREAT to new heights.