Bag and Cartiage Micron Filters


  • Works on the principle of Microfiltration & is used widely for Industrial water filtration.
  • Bag Filters are often used for Silt removal, pipe scales removal, algae removal from water.
  • Micron Cartridge filters are often used for removal of Very fine suspended impurities, colloidal matter, etc
  • High efficiency & long life make it very cost effective
  • Available in different specifications in terms of shapes, sizes, designs and capacities which are tailor made based on clients applications.

  • Water flows from the top of the filter housing Water enters in the Filter bag or Cartridge & all the dirt is trapped inside it The liquid comes out from the bottom leaving all the dirt behindWhen the filter bag or cartridge reaches to the end of its service life Simply replace it.


  • Food processing Industries
  • Pharmaceutical , Chemicals & Paint Industries
  • Filtration of acids and bases
  • Ultra-pure water production & Other wide range of applications